moon tide: melting score 冰墨畫聲 (2019-)

Improvised performance
ice, water, sound, ink, paper, glass, handmade instruments, electronic


melting score  is the solo improvised performance to bring the installation— moon tide lullaby into life, those ice sculptures, they become subjects to perform rather than objects to be observed. I selected some ice balls with different sizes, they take different time to freeze and melt— like humans’ life to death. I poured black ink into mould, they became into frozen ink balls, instead of writing ink on the ice like I did in the Melting Voice (2018- ) project and watching it melts, the frozen ink ball itself became the brush I used to paint, to draw, holding the constantly changing textures on my hand, the fragile sound of ice became audible— the vibration reflected the friction in between the paper and the movements of my body picking up by the handmade contact microphone, it is the idea of I called it inter-vocalizing, the reverse tension between the work and the artist. Sitting on the wooden floor, camera projected the movements onto the white wall behind me silently, I found myself turned into medium, a prophet, a witch melts with black ink, devoting myself to the stage, to the floor, to the audience, to the unknown.
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