Iris Chun-Tzu Chang (TW) is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher currently based in Taiwan and UK.

Like sound as clay, Iris crafts her work through drawing, poetry, installation, field recording and improvised performance. Exploring embodied perception at the thresholds between the tangible/intangible, audible/inaudible, conscious/subconscious, her research interweaves art and science focusing on the self-propagation of memory and the co-existence between humans and non-humans. In her art practices she seeks to grasp the fragility of sonic memory as a self-therapeutic process through which tension and identity is formed, de-formed and re-formed.

Her works have been exhibited and performed at home and abroad, including Hundred Years Gallery (UK), IKLECTIK (UK), LCC Typo Gallery (UK), Resonance FM (UK), Yuejin Art Museum(TW), Xinying Cultural Center(TW), Huashan Creative Park (TW), NCKU C-Hub (TW), Meiji Jingu Gaien (JP), Hiroshige Gallery (JP) and Israeli Center for Digital Art (IL). She has been awarded Grand Prize in Taipei Soundscape Program’s music competition in 2017, her ambient music work 'Roaming Traveler' is permanently installed in Songshan Airport Station. In 2020, her installation work ‘moon tide lullaby: fragility of sonic memory’ wins the First Prize in 2020 Nanying Awards (new media category), which is included in Tainan City Government’s art collection.

張君慈, 跨領域藝術工作者。倫敦藝術大學聲音藝術碩士。作品以繪畫、詩句、裝置、田野錄音與即興演出等形式,探索在空間中可聽與不可聽之間的身體感知以及意識流動。近期關注於聲音與個體記憶的互動性和訊息傳遞失真的主體性再造,也將具現聲音記憶的脆弱性視為一種自我治療、一種形成、重組與消逝的反覆過程。

作品曾於國內外各地展出發表,包括倫敦Hundred Years Gallery、IKLECTIK、Resonance FM、東京Tokyo Designers’ Week、臺南月之美術館、新營文化中心、C-HUB創意基地、臺北華山文創園區、以色列數位藝術中心等,2017年獲得捷運站體環境音樂徵選首獎,作品漫遊旅人(Roaming Traveler) 目前常設於臺北捷運松山機場站,2020年獲南瀛獎新媒體類首獎,作品「月潮搖籃曲 moon tide lullaby: fragility of sonic memory」由臺南市政府典藏。

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