Melting Voice (2018-): A Response to the Her Noise Archive

Imaginary sound/language research
ice, water, text, ink, paper, glass, marbles

Melting Voice is an experiment and onging research exploring the happening in our dialogue. Inspired by the unreadable messages sent from my grandmother, after her death the decontextualised texts stored on my cellphone becomes mystery, meaning deconstructs and regenerates itself through time, the space we create for imagination grows and the dynamic relationship interchanging between the giver and the receiver. We engage in the moment ice melts and freezes again and again — witness the fading voice, the fading memories, they become movable existence, transcend time and space.

Her Noise Archive Analyzation: Deconstruct into Her, Noise, Archive

Mapping: Her unreadable messages

Mapping: My grandmother’s unreadable text messages 


Melt, freeze, melt.
Inhale, then exhale.

voice is your identity.
language is your identity.

Freeze, melt, freeze.
Write word on the ice.
Let it melt.
Observe the diffusion of ice, listen to the voice in your head.

word melts with ice.
voice melts with ice.
identity melts with ice.

Freeze, melt, freeze
Inhale, then exhale.

again and again
It is the circulation of life and death

There is boundary between us.
There is no boundary between us.

limited becomes limitless.
we are movable existences.
Let the ice melt, listen to the voice in your head.
inaudible is becoming audible.

Event score of Melting Voice

I Lost My Voice in 100 Breath (2021)

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