PERFORMANCE |                                   23. 10. 2021 - 09. 01. 2022

Performing in artist Nile Koetting’s work ‘Remain Calm - Refrain’ in exhibition ‘The world began without the human race and it will end without it 世界不隨人類生滅’, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, TW

‘Remain Calm - Refrain’ by Nile Koetting
Performance / Live Art: Eric Tsai, Iris Chun-Tzu Chang
Venue: 國立臺灣美術館 101 展覽室 Gallery 101, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Date: 24/10, 31/10, 14/11, 28/ 11, 18/12, 26/12, 09/01 (Iris)
Time: 13:30 - 14:30 / 15:30 - 16:30 
Curated by Junya YAMAMINE
Photo Credit: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts


EVENT |                                                                            18. 07. 2021

Sound work Running water, singing house on World Listening Day (WLD) 2021’s 24-hour stream programme, Worldwide

World Listening Day – a 24 hour broadcast is a community reflection and celebration of sound, creativity and listening on July 18, a date chosen to honor one of the early leaders in acoustic ecology, music and sound studies, Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer. Among the self-organized and initiated personal celebrations, and local live and public events taking place around the world, the World Listening Project has curated a 24-hour online audio and video broadcast from contributions received in response to its open call, reflecting this year’s theme, “The Unquiet Earth.”

Listen to live streaming radio: here

Photo Credit: World Listening Project


EVENT |                                                                          29. 05. 2021

Imaginary sound work lunar water radio 月之水電台 in window conversationBergen, Norway

About window conversation: The locals in Bergen have opened their arms to host a sound to be let out of their windows. Pass by or stay and listen for a while. 25 artists with different approaches to sound.
Curated by Emma Fuchs Sjövall.
16.00 - 18.00 AROUND SKANSEN
Bernhard Meyers vei 19 - Iris Chun-Tzu Chang, Taiwan
More details: here
Photo Credit: Emma Fuchs Sjövall


PERFORMANCE |                                   25. 04. 2021 - 24. 04. 2021

Music & dance improvisation performance在 . 不在(Here and Now) at 2021 衛武營TIFA當代音樂平台 (2021Weiwuying TIFA Contemporary Music Platform), 衛武營國家藝術文化中心 National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts Weiwuying, Kaohsiung, TW

Venue: 衛武營榕樹廣場西側平台 National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts Weiwuying, Kaohsiung, TW
Date: 25th April 2021 - 24th April 2021
Time: 17:00 - 18:00
舞蹈 Dance|郭箏 Si Pehbowen、田孝慈 Tien Hsiao-Tzu、黃韋捷 Huang Wei-Jie
音樂 Music|何侊倢 Ho Guang-Jie、張君慈 Iris Chun-Tzu Chang、黃雅農 Huang Ya-Nung、戴孜嬣 Tai Zih-Ning 
Photo Credit: Studio Acht, Weiwuying


PERFORMANCE |                                   14. 03. 2021 - 13. 03. 2021

Performing at The 13th Grasstraw Festival, 第十三屆草草戲劇節《轉轉》, Chiayi, TW

Improvised music & dance performance by heroom (Iris Chun-Tzu Chang, Guang-Jie Ho) × Si Pehbowen
Venue: G9 Creative Park 嘉義文化創意產業園區, Chiayi, TW
Date: 14th Mar. 2021 - 13th Mar. 2021 
Time: 13:50 她室heroom「當日常不在日常的時候」
15:35 Si Pehbowen × heroom「當孩子還是孩子的時候」
Photo Credit: Studio Acht, Grasstraw Festival


EXHIBITION |                                        13. 04. 2021 - 06. 03. 2021

Melting Voice’ in Infinitely Ephemeral: Contemporary Women's Arts 無窮的瞬間:當代女性藝術展, Group Exhibition, NCKU Art Centre, Tainan, TW

Venue: National Cheng Kung University Art Centre, Tainan 成大藝坊
Date: 17th Jan. 2021 - 19th Dec. 2020
Time: 09:00-17:30
Opening Reception: 06th Mar. 2021 14:00
Opening Performance: 06th Mar. 2021 14:00 — melting score 冰墨畫聲 by Iris Chun-Tzu Chang
Curated by Ming Turner
Photo Credit: NCKU Art Centre


PERFORMANCE |                                  09. 01. 2021 & 26. 12. 2020

冰墨畫聲:畫一半月譜 melting score: drawing half moon score
月形是流動的冰 — 張君慈 個展 : 展演開幕即興演出 Moon Melts In Flowing Ice: Iris Chun-Tzu Chang Solo Exhibition: Performance night, Yuejin Art Museum, Tainan, TW

Venue: Yuejin Art Museum 舊一銀老屋空間
Date: 09th Jan. 2021 & 26th Dec. 2020
Time: 18:00-19:00 
Event detail: here
Photo Credit: Iris Chun-Tzu Chang, YueJin Art Museum


EXHIBITION |                                        17. 01. 2021 - 19. 12. 2020

月形是流動的冰 Moon Melts In Flowing Ice: Iris Chun-Tzu Chang Solo Exhibition, Yuejin Art Museum, Tainan, TW

Venue: Yuejin Art Museum 月津故事館 1F
Date: 17th Jan. 2021 - 19th Dec. 2020
Time: 09:00-17:30
Opening: 26th Dec. 2020 14:00 - 14:30
Performance: 26th Dec. 2020 18:00 - 19:00
Photo Credit: Iris Chun-Tzu Chang


EXHIBITION |                                         10. 01. 2021 - 25. 12. 2020

moon tide lullaby: fragility of sonic memory in 2020 Nanying Awards Group Exhibition, Tainan, TW

Venue: Xinying Cultural Centre 新營文化中心雅藝館
Date: 10th Jan. 2021 – 25th Dec. 2020
Time: 09:00-17:00 (Closed on Monday and Tuesday)

Photo Credit: Iris Chun-Tzu Chang


PERFORMANCE |                                               13. 12 - 12. 12. 2020

2020 再壹波藝術節 One More Festival, Taipei / Tainan, TW

Live performance「迴路 (The circuit)」heroom (Iris Chun-Tzu Chang, Ray Ho) × Si Pehbowen
Book your ticket: here
12/12 14:30 台南場 Tainan
>> 涴莎藝術展演中心 Wan Sha Performing Arts Centre
12/13 14:30 台北場 Taipei
>> 歌德學院(台北)德國文化中心 藝文活動廳 Goethe-Institut Taipei 
Photo Credit: One More Festival


AWARD |                                                                             14. 11. 2020

Grand prize in New Media Category, 2020 Nanying Awards, Taiwan
月潮搖籃曲 (moon tide lullaby)」獲得 2020 南瀛獎 新媒體類首獎

Sound installation "moon tide lullaby: fragility of sonic memory"(月潮搖籃曲) wins the first prize in 2020 Nanying Awards (new media category), the work will be included in Tainan City Government’s art collection.
Exhibition: 10 January – 25 December, 09.00-17.00
(Closed on Monday and Tuesday)

Xinying Cultral Centre, Tainan, TW
Photo Credit: Nanying Awards


EXHIBITION |                                        22. 11. 2020 - 27. 10. 2020

Music design and Sound installation in 烏有史Uchronia Netart Project, physical exhibition in F Studio, Taipei, TW

Venue: F Studio 台北市大同區民樂街24號後棟 (從民生西路362巷進入)
Date: 22th Nov. 2020 - 27th Oct. 2020
Time: 12:00-18:00

我們以臺灣多重殖民的經驗出發,透過藝術重新思考數位全球化下分歧的「身分認同」和「國家」的概念,並用網站藝術(net art)的方式創造一段子虛烏有的歷史(Uchronia),這個字由烏托邦(utopia)和時間(chronos)兩個字組成,指的是⼀段我們所屬世界之外的虛構時間,包括:重建的過去、可能的現在、臆測的未來。「Uchronia 烏有史」藝術實驗計畫由藝術家黃祥昀和陳臻共同發起與創作,並與工程師梁祐文、聲音藝術家張君慈、與多位朋友一同協作。

Photo Credit: F Studio 


PERFORMANCE |                                                            20. 10. 2020

即興音樂白日夢: 輯一 《與未知共同靜心冥想》 heroom x Qenji Yoshida 於 尖蚪
Improvised performance at Tadpole Point, Taipei City, TW

heroom (Iris Chun-Tzu Chang, Ray Ho) x Qenji Yoshida
Improvisational music daydreaming (Vol. 1 meditation with unknowns)

Tuesday 20 October - 15:00~18:00 (UTC+08)
Book your free ticket: here

Photo Credit: Qenji Yoshida


PERFORMANCE |                                                             01. 08. 2020

Cloud Gate - Dance and Music Masterclass: Workshop Presentation [雲門劇場 樂舞跨域大師工作坊呈現]
Improvised performance at Cloud Gate Theater, New Taipei City, TW

Photo Credit: Cloud Gate Theater


RADIO SHOW |                                                                 16. 04. 2020

moon tide lullaby: fragility of sonic memory on Eavesdropping on the Wind and Cloud, Talking Drums Radio, Taipei, TW

EP.1 Moon Tide Lullaby: Fragility of Sonic Memory (2019-)
Moon Tide Lullaby is a long-term project made by artist Iris Chun-Tzu Chang. In the work, she utilized multiple field recordings that she collected in Taiwan & London as well as live recording from the transformation between ice and water. The sounds and poems are revealed gradually as the time passes by and which process can be seen as a poetic metaphor of transition between the tangible/intangible identity and memory.

Eavesdropping on the Wind and Cloud

An online curation recording by Shih Ya-Tien in collaboration with artists Iris Chun-Tzu Chang, Sarah Song and Yifeat Ziv. The artists collected sounds from the Taiwan’s coastal area, Sahara Desert, and Amazon rainforest as the elements of their works: Moon Tide Lullaby: Fragility of Sonic Memory (2019-), 10 Sec of Sahara (2018), The Echo of Our Breath (2019) and Amazonian Traces of Self (2019). In the form of interviews, the artists share their travel experiences, and process of how they collected the field recordings and then transformed, interpreted the sounds into their own personal practices.
Photo Credit: Talking Drums Radio


EXHIBITION |                                         26. 01. 2020 - 23. 01. 2020

moon tide lullaby: fragility of sonic memory in NEW MOON AT LUMEN CRYPT GALLERY

Venue: The Lumen Crypt Gallery, St John on Bethnal Green, 200 Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 9PA.
Date: 24th-26th January 2020. 12-6pm.
Private View: Thursday 23 January 6-9pm.

Lumen Studios present a multi-disciplinary group exhibition relating to the New Moon on 24 January 2020 and the partial Lunar Eclipse on 10 January 2020. 
Photo Credit: Lumen Studio


PERFORMANCE |                                                            10. 12. 2019

"moon tide lullaby: melting score" in Heightened States of Awareness: A Performance Evening, IKLECTIK, London, UK.

Heightened States of Awareness: A Performance Evening |
Tuesday 10 December - doors 6.30pm - start 7pm
Book your free ticket: here

Photo Credit: Kyrin Chen, Reve Kan


EXHIBITION |                                        05. 12. 2019 - 07. 12. 2019

Sound installation "moon tide lullaby: fragility of sonic memory" in Heightened States of Awareness, London, UK.

Exhibition: 5 – 7 December, 11.00-18.00 (11.00-16.00 on Saturday)
Opening Night: 4 Dec 6-9pm | Book Tickets (free)
Silent Night Opening & Research Symposium: 6 December, 17.30-21.00 | Book Tickets (free)
Performance Evening: 10 December, 19.00-22.00 | Book Tickets (free)

In the introduction to her Sonic Meditations (1974) composer Pauline Oliveros suggests that her eponymous text scores might produce “through continuous work [..] heightened states of awareness [that] may represent a tuning of mind and body”.

Heightened States of Awareness takes its title from Oliveros and brings together the work of the eleven students graduating from the MA Sound Arts in 2019. The exhibited pieces invite a ‘tuning of mind and body’, presenting approaches that may foreground a non-hierarchical listening amidst multi-sensate entanglements with each other and the environment. The exhibition title might also be understood with respect to this moment of increasing environmental and political emergency, asking us to hear questions that attend to local and personal concerns as well as tuning in to wider notions of social in/justice, and sometimes crossing the boundary of the ‘audible’ altogether.

London College of Communication's MA Sound Arts Postgraduate Show 2019.

Download the exhibition guide "here".
Photo Credit: Heightened States Of Awareness


FEATURE |                                                                       28. 11. 2019

"moon tide lullaby: fragility of sonic memory" is featured on the London College of Communication website, UK

SPOTLIGHT ON: Iris Chun-Tzu Chang, MA Sound Arts – LCC Postgraduate Shows 2019

Sound installation "moon tide lullaby: fragility of sonic memory" is selected for feature on the UAL London College of Communication website.
Photo Credit: LCC website


COMMISSION |                                                                05. 09. 2019

Film scoring for Documentary Series "See You At The Market" [我在市場待了一整天] Episode No.6 - Taichung Second Market [台中第二市場], TW.

Theme music and film scoring for documentary series "See You At The Market" [我在市場待了一整天] episode No.6 - Taichung Second Market [台中第二市場]. Commissioned by Taiwan Public Television Service [公共電視台].
Photo Credit: Public Television Service


ALBUM RELEASE |                                                        31. 07. 2019

Taipei-Sound of Silence [臺北的寂靜之聲] The collection of Taipei MRT station ambient music, TW

Ambient music work Roaming Traveler 漫遊旅人 composed for Songshan Airport Station is included in digital album Taipei-Sound of Silence [臺北的寂靜之聲] , music now is available for download and purchase. Streams as follows:

[Apple Music] Taipei-Sound of Silence
[Spotify] Taipei-Sound of Silence
[KKBOX] Taipei-Sound of Silence
Photo Credit: @TaipeiMRTsoundscape


PERFORMANCE |                                                            22. 07. 2019

Live Drawing Performance w/ Ziv-Chen-Edwards-Johnson Quartet at IKLECTIK, London, UK

"Introspective Sonics" is a two part event series focusing on the vital affinity between individual creativity and the collaborative aspect of free improvisation. Performing with Yifeat Ziv, Doran Edwards, Kyrin Chen, and Joe Johnson at IKLECTIK, UK.

Introspective Sonics | Side B
Photo Credit: IKLECTIK


PERFORMANCE |                                                            09. 06. 2019

SYNESTHESIA SERIES: Live Drawing Performance w/ Ziv-Chen-Edwards-Johnson Quartet at Hundred Years Gallery, London, UK

"Synesthesia Series" is the ongoing project I've been working on since 2015. In this live drawing session, performance will be seen as an experiment to externalize the process of inner sensory translation. Performing with Yifeat Ziv, Doran Edwards, Kyrin Chen, and Joe Johnson at Hundred Years Gallery, London, UK.

Change: Performances #1 : Yifeat Ziv / Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers. Sunday 9th June 15:30
Photo Credit: Yifeat Ziv


RADIO SHOW |                                                               19. 03. 2019

ARIT: The Sound Of Criticism Being Done [ 4:00pm - 4:30pm ] on Resonance FM, London, UK

"Arit" questions identity through language and sound. Conversation is used as a tool to explore communication, and to confront ways of listening and interacting. The space and time where the conversation is held becomes intemporal, pushing communication beyond known boundaries. Like the radio, Arit’s sounds and language evoke how one tunes in or tunes out. Featuring Iris Chun-Tzu Chang, Ava Halloran, Tarik Haskić and Reve Wing Ying Kan. [Repeated Saturday 10.30am.]

Photo Credit: Resonance FM Website


AWARD |                                                                                       2017

GRAND PRIZE of Taipei MRT Station Ambient Music Competition , Taiwan

Music work Roaming Traveler 漫遊旅人 composed by Chang Chun-Tzu (張君慈) which is written for Songshan Airport Station won the Taipei MRT Station Ambient Music Competition in 2017.
Press : Taiwan Panorama
Photo Credit: MRT Station Ambient Music Competition Official Website
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