moon tide lullaby: fragility of sonic memory 月潮搖籃曲:聲音記憶的脆弱性  (2019-)

Time-based installation
ice, water, sound, text, ink, paper, glass, electronics

月潮搖籃曲 (moon tide lullaby)運用了在台灣、倫敦兩地做的田野錄音、與冰融化到水的物質特性,製成了一個充滿了即興意味的發聲裝置。作品中的聲音與文字在冰、水轉化的過程中隨著時間改變狀態,借代了身份與記憶的游移,與意義與無意義之間的一種過度。


Tide follows the tension between the moon and the earth to change its volume, the level of intimacy rises and falls through time, we observe the shape of moon to learn their languages - the circulation of life and death, they are the shadows of glimmering sunlight.

We pass our history through languages / senses / cells in order to sustain our subjective consistency: where do our memories go and how do they recreate themselves through time and imagination? How do our identities re-empower and re-shape us?

From [ice, novel, fact] into [water, poetry, imagination] into [air, word, emptiness], we engage in the moment ice melts and freezes again and again. Witness the voice fading in, memories speak and chant, they become a movable existence, transcending time and space, shaping the circulation of memory, as we remember ourselves. We co-exist in between the dialogue, and experience the present together.

Photo 2,3,4,5 by Robert Chang Chien
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