Folding Soundscape  (2016/2022)

Interactive sound installation, sonic architecture research
paper, copper foil, field recording, film footage, wood, acrylic, electronics, arduino and raspberry pi

摺紙聲景 (Folding Soundscape) 試著創造一種新的聆聽經驗,透過雙手的觸摸、摺疊、扭轉,探索另一種感知世界的可能。想像手中的 soundcube 是你所在的地方,隨著 soundcube 形狀改變,聲音風景成為蒙太奇拼貼。我們依隨聲音的流動,聆聽著森、海、風的聲音顯影,宛若進入一場清醒夢,你的身體不再局限於空間,而是成為空間。

Space deformed and sound distorted.
We follow the fluidity of sound, entering a state of lucid dreaming and perceiving the world in a meta-perspective.

It is an experiment to create a new listening experience. You are no longer limited to space but becoming space. Through the folding movements of your hands, scenes are montaged and sound moves around you, the way you perceive is the way you choose to receive from this world.

Folding Soundscape: Forest, Ocean, Wind (2016/2022)

Focusing on the idea of intersubjective listening, the relationships between human beings and nature, to see and to be seen, to hear and to be heard, to touch and to be touched, this project aims to explore the blurry edge of awareness itself.

‘Folding Soundscape: Forest, Ocean, Wind’ in MovIPrint (2016), C-HUB, NCKU, Tainan, Taiwan.

‘Folding Soundscape: Forest, Ocean, Wind’ in SOUND BITE (2022), Taoyuan Children’s Art Center, Taoyuan Museum of Fine Art (TMoFA), Taoyuan, Taiwan. Photo Credit: TMoFA


Concept, Sound, Installation: Iris Chun-Tzu Chang
Program design: Hiroki Takeuchi

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