Folding Soundscape: Research  (2016-)

Interactive sound installation, sonic architecture research
paper, copper foil, field recording, film footage, wood, acrylic, electronics, arduino and raspberry pi

Origami & materials Study

Structure / Marking

The structure is inspired by an origami technique called ‘Snapology’, It is made from extruded cubes with 24 faces and 36 edges. It can be deformed into many different shapes by folding certain edges.

Unfolding sequence

To deconstruct the folding process, I marked the structure with numbers and color-shapes; the number represented the linear relationship between each of paper stripe, and the connection between identical color-shape represented the continuity of patterns.

Mapping: Patterns and Sound

The patterns of Ocean, Forest, Wind are created by deconstructing the video frame sequences into nonlinear images, the following patterns are the results of several experiments generated by the software MovISee. The patterns will be ‘unfolded’ through movedents of hands along with the aural deformation. 

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