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客廳計畫系列 Living Room Project series (2021-)


Living Room Project #2 Sleepwalking Liver (肝的夢遊)

bedroom/insomnia/human/biological female/taiwanese/recording a live recording/in the dark/of eyelids/speaking voice of/taiwanese-hokkien/my father’s language/underground/pirate radio station/a man/selling/medicine from somewhere/for liver/‘the room is cozy’ he said/electric bubbles/it is summer/semi-lockdown/living room radiates/heat/daydreaming/to float/in space/
with or without/covid19/sleep/sleepless/sleep/sleepless/sleep/…/liver is sleepwalking/is sleepwalking/sleepwalking/sleep…

Living Room Project #3 ❍ 

Floating in space (2021)

Reflect, vibrate, chant (2021)
lunar water radio (2020)

moon tide lullaby: installation music 0° (2019/2020)

You can’t see yourself unless you are in there (2018)


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